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Talakaveri Temples, Madikeri

Talackavery temple, Madikeri
Talakaveri is the Birth Place of Kaveri River. located in the Brahmagiri hill near Bhagamandala ,
which is one of the 7 sacred rivers of Sapta Sindhus of the Hindu scriptures.
The temple here is dedicated to Lord Agastheeswara, which denotes the link between Kavery and Sage Agasthya.It is also marked by a small temple, and the area is frequented by pilgrims. There are 2 temples, a Shiva temple and with a rare and ancient Shiva Linga, and another temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha.This temple has a holy Ashwantha tree where, according to legend, the Trimurtis – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh gave darshan to sage Agasthya. Kaveri River originates as a spring feeding the tank called the holy Kundike ,which is considered to be a holy place to bathe on special days. The waters are then said to flow underground to emerge
as the river some distance away. The temple has been renovated extensively by the state government recently in 2007.

History of Talakaveri:
During the marriage of Siva and Parvathi, in the  Mount Kailas, the mighty Meru, could not withstand the overcrowding of the guests both
invited and uninvited. The North of Bharatha Kandam was tilting precariously with every possibility of the upending of the South.
Lord  Siva ordered Agasthya to go to the South specifically to the Vindhya Mountains,  to counter-balance the tilt in the North. Agasthya was created in a pitcher, or a Kumbha, and he has several names to reflect that. Kumbha Muni, Kumbha Sambhava and Kalasodhbhava, Tamil Muni etc. because he is the founder of Tamil Language which was taught to him by Tamil God Lord Murugan. He also drew up the first grammar rules for the Tamil Language.
Agasthya was very reluctant to go to South, as he also wanted to witness the celestial marriage and as an excuse he remonstrated that without
a holy tirtha for doing his sankalpas and  holy rituals he would not budge from Mount Kailas.  The Kapadanatakasutradaari, Lord Siva, packed
the ever flowing Cauvery in the Kamandalu of Sage Agasthya and packed him off to South.In between, for one of his capers, Lord Indra was cursed to hide in between the strand of a fibre in a Lotus stalk. He had to perform a penance to Lord Siva to regain his lost glory for which he needed a holy thirtham. Indira was advised by Sage Narada, to pray to Lord Ganesha to bring a holy river to where he was hiding and the nearest
happened to be the Kamandalu of Sage Agasthya where in Kaveri was confined.  Lord Ganesha took the form of a crow and perched himself
on the Kamandalu of Sage Agasthya while he was meditating.The legend goes that, the Kaveri river was held in a Kamandalu (a container of sacred water) by Sage Agasthya. Vinaayaka (Lord Ganesha) took the form of a crow and perched on the kamandalu of Agasthya when Agasthya was meditating. When Agasthya realised this, he shooed away the crow. But the Divine Crow tipped the kamandalu and toppled it. Out poured
Kaveri which started flowing. The crow disappeared and in its place stood a small boy. Agasthya thought that the boy was playing
some prank and clenching both his fists, went to pound the head of the small boy. But the boy escaped and Agasthya gave chase.Finally the boy vanished and Lord Ganesha showed Himself to Agasthya. Agasthya was aghast at the realisation that he had just tried to knock the head of Ganesha Himself. As atonement, he knocked his own head with both of his clenched fists.This became the “Pillaiyaar Kuttu” which is an integral part of  Vigna Vinayaka worship.The temple at Talakaveri has the Siva Linga installed by Sage Agasthya.  It is dedicated to Lord  Agastheeswara considered to be a link between Sage Agasthya and the river Cauvery. It also has the branch of a Divine tree planted and revered by the public, as it is rumoured to be from the tree originally planted by Sage Agasthya.  The link between Kaveri and Ganesha also extends to Srirangam as well, in Lord Ganesha’s role in setting up the Ranganatha temple there.The temple at Tirumukkudal Narasipura (confluence of Kabini (aka Kapila river, Kaveri and invisible Spatika Sarovara (Crystal Lake)) is also dedicated to Lord Agastheeswara.

How to reach:
A temple guest house and the nearby Ashram provide accommodation to the pilgrims. Coorg (Kodagu) can be reached only by road, since there is no railway or commercial air service that serves the area. The Mysore – Mangalore high way passes through Coorg. Bangalore International Airport (260 km) and Mangalore Bajpe Airport(136 km)are the nearest airports. There are regular buses plying from Bangalore, Mangalore, Cannanore and Tellicherry to Madikeri, the district headquarters.


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