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Sri Nanjundeshwara temple, Nanjanagudu, Mysore

Sri Nanjundeshwara temple, Nanjanagudu

Sri Nanjundeshwara temple, Nanjanagudu

Nanjangud is located 25kms from Mysore and situated on the banks of the river kapila, a tributary of River Kaveri.The town is famous for the Nanjundeswara or Srikanteswara temple. Nanjangud is also known as ‘Dakshina Kashi’ or Varanasi of the South India.A large number of devotees throng this temple town every year to visit the famous Nanjundeswara temple.The temple boasts excellent Dravidian style of architecture.

Sri Nanjundeshwara Temple at Nanjangud is one of the ancient temples of Karnataka. The original Nanjundeshwara temple is said to be of Ganga period (325 – 1000 CE). Later, this temple has then been renovated by the Hoysala kings. Both Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan had close associations with this temple. Wodeyar kings have provided various grants to renovate the temple.
It is believed that sage Gauthama stayed here for some time and has installed a Shiva Linga, the idol of Lord Shiva. Lord Nanjundeswara also referred to as Lord Srikanteswara, Vishakanta, Nanjunda. It is also believed that Lord Nanjundeshwara cures diseases of his devotees. The spacious temple also houses minor shrines of Lord Narayana, Chandikeswara, Parvathi, Natya Ganapathi and others.
A major event in the pilgrim town is the Rathotsava or the Chariot festival of Nanjundeshwara held twice every year, locally known as Dodda Jathre and Chikka Jathre. Idols of Lord Nanjundeshwara, Goddess Parvathi, Lord Ganapathi, Lord Subramanya and Lord Chandikeshwara are kept in five separate chariots and a traditional puja’s are performed to the idols early in the morning on the day of Jathre. After the puja chariots are flagged off. Thousands of devotees pull the Chariots carved in the wood, through the streets of the old city.

Temple Timings:
Weekdays: 6.00 AM to 1.30 PM and 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM
Sundays: 6.00 AM to 10.00 PM

how to reach?
By Road
From the state capital Bangalore, one can take the State Highway 17 which goes to Mysore and then onwards to Nanjangud. The total distance from Bangalore to Nanjangud is around 163 km. Or Other wise it will be around 30 kms from city mysore it will take 30 min to reach Nanjangud from City Mysore

By Rail
Nanjangud has a railway station with broad gauge line (the standard gauge followed by Indian Railways) which runs from Mysore to Nanjangud. Mysore being an important location is well connected by rail to major cities in India and hence passengers can stop over at Mysore and take another train to reach Nanjangud. There is also a proposal to connect the railway line at Chamarajanagar to the railway line at Mettupalayam in Tamil Nadu which will provide connectivity between Nanjangud and other cities in south India.
The gauge conversion of the railway track from Mysore to Chamarajanagar has been completed. Kindly check Bangalore – Mysore – Nanjangud – Chamarajanagar Train Timings for the tentative time table.

There has been a huge demand for the last 100 years for connecting Nanjangud with Nilambur in Kerala.[citation needed] It will be the shortest route from Kerala to Bangalore, Hyderabad and North Indian cities. The preliminary survey of this line has been completed.[citation needed] From the survey, the Nilambur – Nanjangud railway line will be about 238 km. So Kozhikode – Nilambur – Nanjangud will be around 300km. For this project, around 2000 crore rupees is needed.[citation needed] The main objection to this project is that it passes through the forest areas and from the omnibus lobby.

By air
The nearest airport is the one at Bangalore. Alternatively one can use the airports at Coimbatore or Calicut for reaching Nanjangud. However, the airport at Mysore is being upgraded which can then be used to reach Nanjangud.


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