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Shobha hosts an all women’s show

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BANGALORE: Four months ago, she was the scapegoat of BJP’s dissidence and political machinations in the state, but the grit in former minister Shobha Karandlaje to bounce back was evident in the launch of her personal website here on Thursday.

“I felt lost, but your love and encouragement kept me going. Sometimes, when things go wrong, we feel it is end of the road. But it is not so,” Shobha said, happy over herself for not succumbing to such emotions.

Sending across a message that a woman can overcome all adversities, Shobha’s website launch was an all women’s show, bereft of political dignitaries. The website was launched by Infosys chairperson Sudha Murty.

“When I resigned from minister’s post, many people called to sympathize. At that point, I decided to launch my personal website to chat. How many calls can one take on the mobile. From now on, I will come online on the website once a week and also blog,” Shobha said. Her first blog is on endosulfan, the pestcide which has caused serious health problems on people in Dakshina Kannada.

Sudha said during tsunami, the grit of a woman from Karnataka who performed the last rites of those who perished, had raised her curiosity. “I was keen on meeting this person, who had ventured to do obsequies, which even a man will hesitate to perform. While I had gone with a contingent, this person was doing all by herself,” Sudha said. It happened to be Shobha.

“I live in a different world where my interest and knowledge of politics is zilch. Everybody can have knowlegde, but courage is something which comes from within,” Sudha said.

The invitees included Karnataka film chamber of commerce chairperson Jayamala, actress Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, playback singer B R Chaya and noted gynaecologist Kamini Rao among others.


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