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Puttur: Power Conservation through Better Pumpsets – Shobha

Puttur, Feb 20 (8-35 am): State energy, food and civil supplies minister Shobha Karandlaje said here on Saturday that steps would be taken by the government to install efficient and quality pumpsets for agriculture and also government-related projects, so that power seepage and wastage would be prevented.  To begin with, this step would be tried in one taluk each in all the districts of the state.
She was speaking at a meeting after receiving appeals and requests from BJP workers and members of the public. She said that power could be conserved by this method and if found successful, the measure would be expanded to the entire state.
She further said that installation of compact fluoroscent lamps (CFLs) would be made compulsory, which could save 160 million units of power every day in the state.
Puttur MLA Mallika Prasad, town municipal president Kamala Anand, TP president Shambhu Bhat, vice president Pulasya Rai, DKZP president Shailaja Bhat and others were present on the occasion.


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