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Master Kishan


1. He started his career as a child model at 3 years and then began acting in films at the age of 4 years. At the age of 12 years now he has acted in 28 Feature films and featured in more than 300 Television episodes.

2. At an age of 6 years he became a play back singer and has sung in more than three feature films and four private albums.

3. He learnt Photo-designing and works on Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

4. He learnt cinematography and the art of direction during his shooting schedules. As Kishan puts it… he learnt the art of Direction starting from a light boy up to the Cinematographers and from a clap boy to a Director on the sets when he was acting.

5. He is also an Editor. (He works on Final Cut Pro- FCP).

6. He is now learning 3D-computer graphics.

7. Master Kishan has directed the movie “Care of Footpathh” at the age of 9 years. One day when he watched street children selling newspapers on the street, he wondered as to why these children were not going to school. He wanted to inspire them and he wrote a story.

Awards and Accolades:

• Winner Swarna Kamal- National Film Award for Best Children’s Film- 2006

• Winner National Award for Exceptional Achievement – Government of India 2008

• Winner State Jury Award – Best Film for “C/O Footpathh” 2006

• Winner State award – Best Child Actor 2006

• Opening film Kids for Kids International film festival-Cyprus 2006

• Winner Telephono Azzuro’s “Children’s Right Award” at the Giffoni International Film Festival-Italy 2007

• Winner Chamber of Deputies award (the second best film) at the Giffoni International Film Festival-Italy 2007

• Closing film Busan International Film Festival at South-Korea 2007

• Winner Children’s Right Award-The Film and Television association of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands 2007

• Official selection Chinh India film festival- New Delhi 2007

• Official selection Mumbai Children’s film festival 2007

• Winner Silver Elephant Award as the best child actor at the 15th Golden Elephant International Children’s Film Festival held at Hyderabad.

• Winner International Children’s Jury Prize – Cairo International Film Festival for Children Egypt, from March 03- 06 / 2008 and

• Special International Jury Prize – Cairo International Film Festival for Children – Egypt, from March 03- 06 / 2008 (Competition Section).

• Winner Alexandria international film festival award (Journalist Syndicate-Cairo)

• Winner South India Cinematographers Association Award, May 1st 2008

• Winner Special Honorary Award, Emotion Pictures 2nd International Festival, Documentary & Disability, Athens, Greece June 21 to 23, 2008.

• Official selection 22nd International Festival of Films for Children & Young Adults, International competition section, Tehran, Iran June 21-25, 2008.

• Closing Film Flicks International Film Festival for Children- Saskatoon, Canada. September 2008.

• Official selection Armenia International Film Festival for the Children and the young, Republic of Armenia October 16th 2008.

• Winner 5th International and Youth Film Festival, Spain, Europe, November 17th-23rd 2008.
Best Film – Children’s Jury Award
Best Actor Award

• Official Selection & American Premier – November 1st, SAIFF (South Asian International Film Festival), New York 2009


We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act.

— Swami Vivekananda


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