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Mangalore: ‘Netravati River Will Not be Diverted’ – Shobha Karandlaje

Mangalore, Jul 10: State energy, food and civil supplies minister Shobha Karandlaje told mediapersons in Shantivana at Dharmasthala on Saturday that river Netravati would not be diverted and termed the news a calculated propaganda intended to mislead people.
She clarified that there was no proposal with the government to divert the river passing through Dharmasthala and joining the river in Mangalore. It would be impractical to dig a channel into the western ghat ranges and pump the water upwards.
While it was so tough to carry out minor projects in the western ghats, how it was possible to dig a channel there, she queried. It was the plan of the government to collect the rain water and conserve it to be taken to water-parched areas like Kolar and Tumkur, she said.
Asked if the river water would be distributed in accordance with the Paramashivaiah report, the minister said that the report had not said anything about diverting the river at all, which statement created a stir among the mediapersons, who were aware of the contents of the reports.
Apparently realizing the slip, she tried to explain that the Paramashivaiah report was not the final word. The report would be properly scrutinized and then implemented, she added.


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