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Mangalore going CFL

Mangalore, Mar 10: In just three months Mangalore’s skylighting will change from yellow to white! Yes the city is changing from sodium vapor to CFL. Thanks to the initiative of Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) the city will save not less than 30-35 per cent power.
According to the plan the city will phase out sodium vapour street lights and switch on to CFL. In the process it will dump over 5500 sodium vapour lighting systems which have a reputation for increasing energy bills of the civic bodies.

CFL bulbs displayed during the launch of “Belaku Yojane” by Department of Energy at KPTCL Head Office premises, K.R. Circle in Bangalore on Monday.

The plan made available to states that the city has over 52,000 street light points, only 5300 of them were Sodium vapour units which consume nearly 16 watts of power every hour while CFL consumes only 80 Watts per hour giving a net saving of 50 percent says the engineer of the lighting system Mr. Linge Gowda.
The new Mayor Mr. Praveen Kumar who has taken the change over as a mission felt that the change will help MCC to save nearly Rs. 1.2 to 1.4 crores per annum in money spent on power bills. This money can be used for some other useful development. Sooner or later we will even impress on the Mangaloreans to use LED home lighting systems which will also save power, my engineers have told me that the monthly energy bills of each household can be reduced up to 15-20 per cent if they fit LED lighting systems.
Speaking to sources in the MESCOM stated that the Belaku Yojana of the government which includes a statewide programme of switching to CFL launched by the Energy Minister Ms. Shobha Karandlaje sometime back in Bangalore, aims at saving over 500 MW per day if every civic body switched over to CFL.
The state government has also announced special financial grants for those civic bodies that switch over to CFL from conventional lighting systems and it looks like Mangalore will be one of the first cities in the state to affect the change.


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