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Karnataka will meet demand for power: Shobha

Bangalore, Nov 30 : The Karnataka Government has worked out a detailed strategy to meet the power requirement in the coming summer which may touch over 150 million units per day, Minister for Energy Resources Shobha Karandlaje said today.

Talking to newspersons here, she said her department was in the process of analysing supply-demand position of power in the coming months, especially during summer and had began negotiation with various private power companies to supply power to the state.
Stating that the state government had already signed a power purchase agreement with the power-surplus Chhattisgarh state for supply of 260 MW of power at a cost of Rs 4.60 per unit in the coming months, she said ”we are also holding talks with Jindal Power company to sign a PPA.” Stating that only one third of the power was being generated in all the state-owned Hydel power stations with a strategy to run those plants to the optimum level during peak summer, the Minister said the construction of the second unit in both Bellary and Udupi Thermal Power Stations were completed and would be commissioned after getting nod from Union Environment Ministry.
Urging the Centre to clear state’s proposal to build HT line to evacuate power from both Udupi and Bellary plants, the Minister said, ”I have planned to lead a delegation to New Delhi to get the project cleared.” Replying to questions, the Minister said first two units at the state-run Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS) would be in service for another five years.
”An evaluation study on these two units were conducted and convinced that both units would run for another five years,” she added.


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