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Shri Mookambika Temple, Kollur

temple entrance

temple entrance

Mookambika Temple at Kollur, 80 km from Udupi, is one of the most important places of pilgrimage on the west coast of India, attracting pilgrims from all over the country. The temple, dedicated to the divine mother,  Goddess Mookambika, stands in the valley of the great Kodachadri peak, on the banks of the perennial river Sauparnika. It is believed that the great religious leader Sankaracharya consecrated the metal idol of the Goddess behind the lingam.
The main idol, a Shivling called the Jyothirlingam, is placed in front of the image of Mookambika. Jyotirlingam is divided by a golden line into two unequal parts, the greater representing the three Goddesses, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali, and the smaller Brahma, Maheshwar, and Vishnu. The temple has a gold plated crest and copper roofs, and a temple dome and kalasha made of solid gold.

Long ago when a demon called Kaumasura obtained a boon from Lord Shiva was reigning pompously, Kodachadri became the hiding place for all the gods and divine beings who became helpless against his harassment. While the Saptarishis were engaged in prayers and poojas to bring about the end of demon kaumasura, Guru Shukracharya enlightens him about his impending death at the hands of a woman. Learning this, kaumasura performs an austere penance t please Lord Shiva. When Lord pleased with his prayers, appears before him and asks him to name the boon that he wishes, Vagdevi, the Goddess of speech senses that this could lead to a greater devastation and makes him speechless. The dumb Kaumasura then becomes unable to verbalise his wishes and then onwards he is called Mookasura. Soon after, on the request of Kola Rishi, the goddess creates a mystical power by bringing together the individual powers of all the gods who had assembled. This Divine Power wages war on Mookasura and brings about his destruction, thereby granting him salvation. The place where devi killed Mookasura is known as “Marana Katte”. Since that day, the Goddess has resided at this holy place Kollur by the name Mookambika, fulfilling the wishes of all her devotees. Here resides Sreedevi in the Padmasana posture, of a serene countenance, and with three eyes, bearing always a shankha, a chakra and with a pleasant appearance as the embodiment of mantra to bless the devotees.

Major Events & Festivals:


The main festival in the temple is the Rathothsavam, the car festival, in the month of Phalguna (March-April). On the day of the Uthram Star in the Bright half of the month, the temple flag is hoisted and the care festival continues from that day to the day of the Moolam Star – for nine days.Surrounded by the majestic mountains and the blooming forest with varied hues and fragrance, the shrine of Sri Mookambika invokes the springs of beauty in human heart filling it with a joy divine. Thousands join the Rathothsavam, by drawing the great chariot of the Divine Mother, symbolizing the need of a joint effort of mankind to bring about a new civilization based on a higher spiritual vision of life. The temple festivals suggest that man should make these inner depths a great center of festivity, of the joy of Self-discovery. He has to make his mind a pit of Yajna fire of selfless work.He has to offer the negativity of his selfishness in that fire. From that fire will manifest the Divine Mother, the all-loving Supreme, who allays all fears, who makes man the Man Divine.


On the bright half of the Jyesta month (June – July) in the Ashatmi day there is a special festival, as it is considered the day of the appearance of the Goddess. Special pooj-s is performed in the days of Mahaalakshmi Vratham, Mahaa Shivaraatri, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Vinaayaka Chaturthi, Jyesta Lakshmi Vratham, etc.

Sri Mookambika Temple celebrates various festivals and regularly conducts Pancha Pooja and Thrikala Bali. Various celebrations of the temple can broadly be classified as Nithyothsavam, Varothsavam, Pakshothsavam, Masothsavam, and Varshikothsavam.

The main festival in the temple is the car festival, in the month of Phalguna (March-April).

The Navaraathri, the nine nights in the autumn (September-October), is a very auspicious occasion when thousands visit the temple. The special rites during this period are the Navakshari Kalasam, the Chandika Homam, the Rathothsavam, the Purnakumbha-abhishekam etc.

There is a very colourful festival Vana Bhojanam, in November December, when during night the festival idol of Devi is carried by a decorated and colourfully illuminated country craft across the Souparnika and offered worship in the forest. There is a feast for all on the next day at the river bank amidst the forest scenes.

How to reach :

By Road: 3 hrs Approx

Mangalore city is only 50 km away from Udupi. Express buses ply between Mangalore to Udupi at regular intervals.From udupi we can reach Mookambika Temple – Kollur by bus from Udupi.

By Rail

The railway station at Udupi falls on the Konkan Railway network and there are trains to most major cities of the state.From Upudi we can reach mookambika temple by bus or by taxi easily.

By Air

The nearest airport is the Mangalore airport located at Bajpe, 60 km away from Udupi. There are 2 flights daily from Mumbai,Bangalore and from other parts of India.From their we can reach Kollur Mookambika Temple by any vehicle.

Best time to visit: September-October

Postal Address
Executive Officer
Sri Mookambika Temple
P.O. Kollur – 576 660
Udupi dist.
Karnataka State
Phone: (08254) 258488
(08254) 258489
(08254) 258521
(08254) 258221.
For Gen Info Email :

Kollur Mookambika Temple Pooja Information

Kollur Mookambika Temple Timings

  • Morning: 5:00 am to 1:30 pm
  • Evening: 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Vidyarambam Pooja In Mookambika Temple

Vidyarambam pooja is performed between 6:45am to 1:00 pm Daily.

Chandika Homam In Kollur Mookambika Temple

Chandika Homam is performed between 8:30 am to 11:30 pm Daily.


The temple Guest House on the north side of the temple, the Souparnika Guest House Complex and the Goenka Guest House, a little away towards the north, are managed by the temple; Sringeri Madom’s guest house ‘Sanakarakripa’, Sri Ramakrishna Yogasramam; P.W.D. Inspection Bungalow. In olden days devotees used to get lodging and food in the houses of the temple priests, and this service is still maintained by some of them.

The Camping facilities for the devotees.
1. The Guest House – 16 Rooms
2. Kalyana mantap – 2 Hall
3. Mathachatra – 7 Rooms
4. Goyanka Guest House – 24 Rooms, 2 Halls
5. Sowparnika Guest House – 26 Rooms
6. Yathrinivas Guest House – 42 Rooms
7. Tourist Canteen – 4 Rooms

1. Sowparnika Guest house, Goyanka Guest house, are having the two bedrooms, having the Hot water facilities. Rent per day is fixed at the rate of Rs. 100 /- only.
2. In the guesthouse rooms, in each room, there are two beds, fetches Rs. 40/- as a rent per day.
3. The Yatranivas Guesthouse are very spacious, two beds and hot water facilities are available. Rs. 130/- per day is fixed as a rent per day. 4 VVIP rooms of Guest House with Geyser facilities at the rate of Rs. 250 /- per day is available. 8 rooms x 4 bed rooms with geyser at the rate of Rs. 200/-.

First and second floors of the Mathachatra of the Temple rooms are to be constructed, for this a tender of Rs. 33 lakhs has been invited, the work under is progress. Total of 14 rooms will be newly constructed over here.

Boarding and Lodging outside the temple:

1.Mayura Guest House – Kollur
Kollur- 576 220 Kundapura Tq
Udupi District,Karnataka,India
Tel: (08254) 258455, 315331

2.Chitramoola Tourist Home kollur
Opp Sri Mookambika Temple
Kollur – 576 220
Kundapura Tq
Udupi District
Tel: (08254) 258502
mobile 94499 36097

3.Chinmayi Tourist home Kollur
Opp: Sri mookambika temple
Kollur – 576 220,
Kundapura Tq
Udupi District
Tel: (08254) 258386
Mobile: 94487 90482

4.Bhagirthi Tourist Home Kollur
Gopalkrishna Temple
Road,Kollur-576 220
Tel: (08254) 258290
mobile: 994492 69420

Places to visit in and around Kollur:

1. Mookambika Temple
2. Sauparnika River
3. Arasina Makki, a famous waterfall.
4. The Kodachadri range is a beautiful place and attracts a large number of trekkers.
5. Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary: Spread along the Kundapur-Kollur road.


1. Kindly note the Temple management has not appointed any agents or representative except the Executive Officer and therefore please do not be misguided.
2. Sevas if any to be performed to Divine Mother amy please be intimated separately & respective amount sent by M.O. or A/c Payee, D.D or Cheque etc. Payable at Syndicate Bank, Kollur Branch.
3. All Correspondence to be made only with the executive Officer.
4. Donations for free meals (Anna Santharpane) are also accepted, please give clear and correct full address in M.O. coupon.
5. The devotees are requested to donate liberally for Silver Chariot.

For more information visit:


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