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Karnataka bans use of Endosulfan

Bangalore, Feb 17 (PTI) Citing health hazards, the Karnataka Government today banned use of the pesticide Endosulfan with immediate effect.
The cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, took note of reports of physical deformities caused due to the usage of the pesticide in some areas.
Briefing reporters after the cabinet meeting, Higher Education Minister V S Acharya said the adverse impact on humans, animals and birds due to aerial spray of Endosulfan is “scary”.
Endosulfan is used as an insecticide for cashewnut crops in taluks such as Belthangady, Puttur and Bantwal, and Acharya pointed to reports of physical deformities and diseases in the areas following aerial sprays.
The Government decided to ban Endosulfan use for 60 days to start with and would continue the measure thereafter as well.
“The Cabinet has taken a decision to recommend to the Central government to ban use of Endosulfan in Karnataka”, he said.
Acharya indicated that the Central nod for the ban is a formality, saying: “…they (the Centre) will give immediate concurrence. By sending a requisition (to the Centre), we get authority to ban”.
He also noted that the neighbouring state of Kerala has already banned it.
The Minister said there will be a “blanket ban” on use of Endosulfan, not just for aerial sprays which are resorted to in vast areas to cut labour costs.


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