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Bangalore: CM defends Meena

Bangalore, July 3, DHNS: Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has ruled out taking action against Kolar Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar Meena, who is again in the news for his proclivity to wield the lathi.
“I have spoken to the deputy commissioner, and there is no need to take any action against him, as he is a good administrator. I have, however, cautioned him to be a little more patient with the public,” Yeddyurappa told reporters here on Saturday.
The Chief Minister said he had received feedback on the episode. The Kolar administration had to handle a large number of applicants for the Suvarna Bhoomi scheme, which led to confusion and Meena’s action, he said.

No need for strikes

“The DC should have cooperated with the farmers. The farmers, however, need not apprehend any problems, as the Suvarna Bhoomi scheme is being implemented transparently. There is no need for protests or hunger strikes,” he added.
The Chief Minister said that district in charge minister Shobha Karandlaje was also looking into the matter. Meena, whose administrative abilities the chief minister appreciates so much, has been more in news for his eagerness to pick up the lathi than his capacity to administer the districts where he is posted.
On Thursday, Meena caught hold of a protester by his collar and pushed him out of the venue of the Suvarna Bhoomi programme in Kolar. In December last year, he had snatched a lathi from a constable and attacked voters during an election, at Chatrakodihalli in Kolar.


At Bagalkot, where he served before he was transferred to Kolar, Meena had personally directed a lathi-charge on protesting farmers. Prior to that, as Deputy Commissioner in Chamarajanagar, he had grabbed a lathi from a policeman and beat up protesting farmers.


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